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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday's shopping

said she likes my shopping posts- it is not exactly earth shattering- but here is what I bought today

All of this was about $7,  after coupons and sales
the Grands were on sale for $1 - had a 40 cent/on 3 coupon that was doubled
this store has "banana Tuesday" and the bananas sell for 42 cents a pound on Tuesdays
celery was 50 cents a bunch- I got 3
the air fresheners were free with coupons from BzzAgent.com
milk and tomatoes were also on sale and I had a $3 store coupon.

I washed the celery and tomatoes and packed them in Tupperware FridgeSmarts
I really think they keep produce fresh longer than other storage methods

I went to 1 thrift store and spent $6
swaddle blanket for the new grandson coming in April
very soft velour one piece suit for youngest grandson

2 shirts and 3 pair of leggings for youngest grand daughter
brown skirt and red Christmas skirt for oldest grand daughter

the only big ticket item bought today
4 whole pork loins - on sale today only for $1.69 a pound
all 4 came to $50.

3 of them have been cooked tonight and
the last one will get cooked tomorrow.
I'll show you about them later.

Have you found any good deals lately?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

playing the drugstore game

my purchases today

I have not been seriously watching the ads and coupons in 2012-
I mostly just shopped as we needed things while using up stockpiles from 2011.

But I finally woke and realized it would be really be best for us if I got back to it.
My husband got a raise in July and we paid off a long-term in debt in August so our income is up a bit but everything we buy has increased in price so we don't feel richer- quite the opposite actually.

CVS opened a store in my town this summer.  It is not too far from Walgreens.
So,  I looked over the ads and coupons this morning and matched up my coupons with their sales and we stopped at both of them on the way to church.
Then after church, we stopped at Bath and Body Works.

Yes, I would prefer stores were closed on Sunday like they used to be,  and my little purchases are not going to make or break  any store hours so since  this way of shopping is the best for us,  and I think we should use our resources wisely,
I expect to the 2 drugstores to be our stops on the way to Sunday morning church whenever they have deals we need.  
One reason shopping on Sunday morning works for us  is because the  weekly sales have just started and the sale items should be stocked.  

I won't spell out exactly what I got as we all need different things and there are many coupon sites in cyberspace with details about every store and sale if you want some help with your stores.  

I looked over my receipts and my totals are high as I bought 6 months worth of products at Bath and Body Works.  
I like the Aromatherapy products and they don't go on sale very often but are B2g1f  through today and my coupons expired today.  
Anyway,  I spent about $51 on this batch
but they would of cost $153 if bought at regular price without coupons.
And I got back $10 in CVS bucks and $4 in Walgreens rewards.
I also got another BBW coupon but I probably won't use it.  

the 2 best deals today
the Dawn is 99 cents at CVS and there is a 75 cent for that variety that expires the end of Nov.
My favorite deal at Walgreens was the free 8X10 photo that I ordered last week.   Walgreens offers different free photo offers about every 2  months or so and I try to do them every time. With 4 grandchildren,  we always happy to get a new enlargement of them.  

I don't plan on shopping enough that we will need to convert our garage into storage for the stockpile but I am hoping to keep ahead on products we use.  

How about you?  do you shop with coupons for deals?  any advice for me?  

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Frugal October Day 4

The new weekly grocery ads for the 2 grocery stores in my town come out on Wednesday.
I always check them online to see if anything on sale is what we need.
We did not need much but I was happy to get
2 bags of potatoes - 10 pounds for $1.50 - we will be eating potatoes often 
big red grapes- 99 cents a pound - got about 4.5 pounds
2 pounds bananas

Ulta opened in my town this summer.
I don't wear a lot of makeup but  at their grand opening,  I got  a  tube of  their light moisturizing foundation and powder.
They are on sale again this month 2 for $10
and I got a $5 coupon in the mail.
So I got all 4 today for about $16.

they did not ring up right but the manager sweetly fixed it to the right price.  

and a quick stop at the thrift store in my town that has the best prices on childrens  clothing
My grandchildren don't lack for much but I like to keep clothes here at our house for when they  come at the spur of the moment or their parents forget to bring everything.

I found 2 shirts for our youngest grandson
a black velvet hoodie, 2 legging pants and a top for our youngest granddaughter

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How much would you buy?

 My husband took me to Oklahoma City to do the bulk of our monthly grocery shopping.  We went to 4 grocery stores and got several good deals - will talk more about this in the next post - but the best deal was Kraft products at Crest Foods.  Some of the grated cheese, 8 ounce bags,  were $1.25 each.  For every 5 Kraft products purchased,  the cash register deducts $5.  

No coupons needed.  
At first I thought it would only take off one $5 per transaction but that is not how it works.  It will deduct the $5 for every 5 Kraft products,  no matter how many you buy.  

This is the register tape for one transaction of 5 bags of cheese,  $1.66 was the total prices.
that makes each bag of cheese just 33 cents with tax!  
or 66 cents a pound!  

When I found it would work with multiple bags,  I bought the rest on one transaction.  

Yes,  we Oklahomans get to pay sales tax on groceries,  we even have to pay tax on what the groceries would cost before the coupons.  

Great deal, huh?  
My family really really really likes cheese.  Grated cheese freezes great and I will share some of the bags with my daughter too.  

We bought 30 pounds of grated cheese,  also 5 bags of cheese slices that were $2.50 before the coupon- so 5 bags were $7.50 before tax.
Kraft Salad Dressing,  16 ounce bottles,  were $1.94.  They are also in this deal.  We got 5 bottles - 94 cents a bottle after coupons.  

so,  do you like cheese?  how many would you buy?  

P.S.  Crest is a big, well stocked store.  The cheese was shelved in 2 places and 2 stockers were refilling the biggest display when I shopped.  So,  no, I was not clearing the shelves by any means.
if you live near this Crest Foods,  I believe you will be able to do the same deal I did