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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cloth napkins and baked zucchini

This week's sewing

We like cloth napkins and were getting short on them.  When I looked through my fabric scraps,  I found this tablecloth checked remnants.  There were 2 pieces of the blue that were big enough to cut into 15 or so inch squares for a large dinner napkin size-  I made 8 like that.

I also had more blue scraps as well as green and red scraps.  They were all cut in about 13 inch squares.  That size is a little smaller than we prefer but the fabric is just perfect for cloth napkins.
So,  I just pinned them together and made double faced napkins,  more a cocktail size.  

The small ones are reversible and I think they look very cheerful.

This was fabric from my stash- not anything I went out and bought.  I have a pretty big stash, mostly given to me.  Some is stuff my mom bought, some is from the thrift store and a lot of the recent stuff is bargains my dad finds at yard sales. 
I am really thankful to have it.  
My husband says that when I get ready to make something,  I can usually find what I need in the craft room and he is right.  

I've also been sewing up 2 tops for me - maybe they will be finished soon and I can show you next week. 

Baked Zucchini Chips
Baked zucchini chips

Another Pinterest recipe I tried this week- very good way to serve zucchini or squash.
I use Panko bread crumbs but I think saltine cracker crumbs would be great too.
I followed the recipe and had twice as much breading as would fit on my 3 squash.
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  1. Those smaller-sized napkins woul be perfect for those grands! I've been wanting to try those zucchini chips and will make them for lunch one day. Hopefully my Silas will like them - it's tough to get him to eat his veggies...

  2. oh, i so love the reversible table napkins. thank you for the idea :-)

  3. Love how your napkins turned out! Great summer patters. We love cloth napkins too. It was one of my very first sewing projects :)

  4. Mmmm your zucchini chips look delish!

  5. Nothing better than shopping at home for fabric!! I am trying to do that more often. Love your napkins, they make a meal feel so much more special

  6. I love that you made these from fabric that you repurposed. They look store bought. You sew beautifully.

  7. I haven't sewn in forever, I have an entire box full of fabric I picked up in grad school.

    10 Uses For Strawberry Syrup

  8. I have a drawer full of cloth napkins that I used to use when my children were little. I should start using them again. I have seen the zucchini chips and haven't tried them yet. Thinking that I just might do that this week as they look yummy!

  9. Love the napkins and the reversible look great! The zucchini looks good too---can't wait for the garden to produce. Have to get some out first1

  10. The napkins are fantastic! I recently made some from an old twin flat sheet.

  11. How perfect...serving a snack and something to wipe our hands and faces with! ha. The napkins are so nice..and yes, that pattern is just perfect!

  12. I just discovered your blog this week and I'm enjoying reading all your posts. I love your Cricut projects. I bought one recently, even though I'm not a scrapper. It's great to see all the other types of things that can be done with it. Love the zucchini chips, too!

  13. Hello Rhonda! I have to make more napkins...mine are getting quite old indeed! Yours look perfect for summer :) m.

  14. Hi Rhonda...thank you for visiting at my "little space" and for sharing your thoughts. You have a lovely space here. Your homemade napkins are lovely ... so cheery and how nice that you could shop your stash of fabric to make them. Your zucchini chips look delicious! Thank you for sharing! Hugs ♥ Teri

  15. I love the cheerful cloth napkins, I like using cloth, too. And that recipe looks good, we enjoy that kind of thing, I will pin it!

  16. I'm going to have to try those zucchini chips when I get some zucchini in the garden. They look really good!

    Love the cloth napkins! We like using cloth napkins too.

    Thanks so much for going The Creative HomeAcre Blog Hop. We hope you can join us again this Sunday!

  17. I have been wanting to make some cloth napkins. My daughter goes through so many I feel like I should make a stack just for her:>

  18. Love the napkins! I've really enjoyed the ones I've made, also in dinner-size and cocktail size. And after I'd made all the napkins we could use, I used thrifted tablecloths to make kitchen towels, too.


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