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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge - week 2 of 2013

This week's challenge at 
was to make a project using tags.  
Tags has a very broad definition and I hope how I did mine fits with their ideas.  

I bake a lot with my bread machine.  Some recipes I can remember in my head but I have several bread recipes and I was having to get out the booklet that came with my machine every time I started some bread.
So,  I thought new recipe card tags would help me out.  
 I used the From My Kitchen cartridge for all cuts on this project.
My tags are the 2 layered potholders.  
I had wrote my favorite recipes on each one.  
I used scraps to play and cut out little embellishments.  Some of them made their way to my tags and some were not the right sizes.   I am still very much a novice at the Cricut but I have fun every time I use this machine.  
So they will be easy to use,  I tacked them to the inside of my baking cabinet.  

But I think I better make some more......
this is the inside of another cabinet door with an assortment of favorite recipes taped on it- it I don't think it looks nearly as cute as my new tags,  

Do you Cricut?  

Friday, January 4, 2013

project for the laundry room

the frame was from the thrift store- I added a fresh coat of red spray paint
the black letters were cut with Cricut,  Storybook cartridge, from black card stock
the clothes were printed from Pinterest,  I searched for paper doll clothes until I found ones that I like.  

sneak peek especially for you Tracey

linking to parties at
Common Ground
The Charm of Home-Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pinterest - Cricut project

Some of my goals for 2013 are to do at least 1 Pinterest project every week 
and to join in the with the weekly Cricut challenge at Fantabulous Cricut. 
This week's Cricut challenge is to  make an organizational project using your cricut
Mine was easy as I combined both into one easy quick project.  

I saw a pin to cover a cereal box  in scrapbook paper with magnets glued on the back and then put on the side of the fridge. The pin said it was a great place to put the mail pile or bills and keep that junk pile off the counter.

I used a cracker box as it would be right size to organize and contain an assortment of note pads we get from some Veteran groups we support.
I cut it along the middle and ended up with mine about a 4.5 inch square.

I reinforced the box with  a few strips of masking tape.
Then I covered it with gift wrap paper.  
With my Cricut,  I used Storybook to make the black square with the scalloped border.
Designer's Calendar has the string around the finger reminder on it.

Rather fitting for the things I write on slips of paper, right?  

the magnets on the back for some heavy advertising magnets that I got from my daughter.  One was almost as big as the back of my box but just for some extra strength,  I added more magnets pieces to cover the back.  
I used E6000 to glue the magnets to the box.

I like this so much on the fridge,
I think I will make a bigger next!

Joining the party at - and hoping to do this challenge every week of 2013

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cricut weekly challenge- seeing spots

This is my 3rd week to participate in the weekly challenge at http://fantabulouscricut.blogspot.com/.
This week's challenge was to make something using any kind of polka dots.  

My stepson's birthday is coming up- he does not read my blog but his wife does so 
shhhh!   please-  

He does not like gifts but we still get him something and since he liked my vintage aluminum ice trays,  I found him a really nice one on Ebay.  

A vintage ice tray to gift wrap makes for  a great was to use the From My Kitchen cricut cartridge.  It has some very cute retro appliances.  

 The fridge, stars and word chill are all from From My Kitchen.
The polka dot paper is just some I had in my stash and have no idea the brand or maker.

Inside- the words and numbers are from George Basic Shapes.
The star is from From My Kitchen.  

I am so glad I found this cricut weekly challenge and started doing it.  I've learned a little each week.  Using the From My Kitchen,  I figured out how to make extra cuts from different colors to make the details on the fridge.  I also learned to make the shadow behind the words on Birthday Blessings.
Simple for the expert Cricut users but it was true ah ha moment for me!

Challenge #135- Seeing Spots
Make a project using Polka Dots

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cricut Challenge - Orange and Black Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite time of the year though I do know children love to dress up and I will pass out candy to the children who come to my door.
I don't ever do anything scary- no scary movies or TV shows for me.  My children think it hilarious that I have never even watched all of The Wizard of Oz because the bad witch near the beginning of it always was so unpleasant to me,  I left the room then.  

This year,  I made a Halloween decoration because I want to use my Cricut paper cutting machine more and  I started following a blog that has a craft challenge each week.
Last week's was to use a farm animal.
This weeks is to make a orange and black Halloween project. 

Well,  I told myself when I found this challenge blog that I was going to join in every week 
but I don't like Halloween and I don't do scary 

Still,  I like what I came up with.  

recycled jars- insides are painted with a mix of craft acrylic paint and Elmers school glue
I used Cricut cartridge Christmas for the branches.
All the other cuts are from Cricut cartridge Storybook. 
The cuts are from cardstock and adhered with Mod Podge.  

This was a thrifty project- 
old jars,  paper scraps,  old candles
I did not have orange paint so I mixed red and yellow paint that I did have and got a nice enough orange.  

with candles burning inside

These are in my front window and visible from outside.  
I put the designs on both sides so they can be seen from inside and outside that window.  

This is not an original design by me- I saw many similar ones on Pinterest.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cricut Project- Down on the Farm Challenge

I had fun making these name pictures for my grandsons last week.  
These 2 little boys live on a farm and I tried to use silhouettes that were either things they have done or will do.  Braeden is only 3 months old so he has not done much but I am sure he will be following older brother Gavin around very soon.
These brothers share a bedroom so I made the name signs the same but different.  

The oak frames are big- about 16 by 13.

Green for Gavin
Gavin plays with his dog,  reads,  helps his Gramps garden,  fishes

I really like the Cricut cartridge A Child's Life and hope to make many more projects with it.  

blue for Braeden
I put the firetruck with the American flag on his because he was born very close to the 4th of July.  

I am linking this to a Cricut Challenge Blog called Fantabulous Cricut and entering their Challange- Down on the Farm.  
all cuts were make with A Child's Year and the farm animals used are the duck walking with the 2 boys  and the horse on Braeden's, the farm dog on Gavin's