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Sunday, November 25, 2012

playing the drugstore game

my purchases today

I have not been seriously watching the ads and coupons in 2012-
I mostly just shopped as we needed things while using up stockpiles from 2011.

But I finally woke and realized it would be really be best for us if I got back to it.
My husband got a raise in July and we paid off a long-term in debt in August so our income is up a bit but everything we buy has increased in price so we don't feel richer- quite the opposite actually.

CVS opened a store in my town this summer.  It is not too far from Walgreens.
So,  I looked over the ads and coupons this morning and matched up my coupons with their sales and we stopped at both of them on the way to church.
Then after church, we stopped at Bath and Body Works.

Yes, I would prefer stores were closed on Sunday like they used to be,  and my little purchases are not going to make or break  any store hours so since  this way of shopping is the best for us,  and I think we should use our resources wisely,
I expect to the 2 drugstores to be our stops on the way to Sunday morning church whenever they have deals we need.  
One reason shopping on Sunday morning works for us  is because the  weekly sales have just started and the sale items should be stocked.  

I won't spell out exactly what I got as we all need different things and there are many coupon sites in cyberspace with details about every store and sale if you want some help with your stores.  

I looked over my receipts and my totals are high as I bought 6 months worth of products at Bath and Body Works.  
I like the Aromatherapy products and they don't go on sale very often but are B2g1f  through today and my coupons expired today.  
Anyway,  I spent about $51 on this batch
but they would of cost $153 if bought at regular price without coupons.
And I got back $10 in CVS bucks and $4 in Walgreens rewards.
I also got another BBW coupon but I probably won't use it.  

the 2 best deals today
the Dawn is 99 cents at CVS and there is a 75 cent for that variety that expires the end of Nov.
My favorite deal at Walgreens was the free 8X10 photo that I ordered last week.   Walgreens offers different free photo offers about every 2  months or so and I try to do them every time. With 4 grandchildren,  we always happy to get a new enlargement of them.  

I don't plan on shopping enough that we will need to convert our garage into storage for the stockpile but I am hoping to keep ahead on products we use.  

How about you?  do you shop with coupons for deals?  any advice for me?  

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  1. There are no coupons here. We just have to pay the prices. They are going up here too. And to counter that...Jos' salary goes no where each year so we earn less and less with a constant threat that he will be laid off. Life is uncertain and that is one thing that is a common bond in the world.

    Great job on saving money in any way you can. Don't you find that you want less as each year passes? We do.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. I really need to start using coupons more often - nice haul. I stopped by from Sunny Simple.

  3. Coupons focused here today as well. John brought home a Sunday paper, the first we've bought in months. He even waited for the delivery to come in before heading home this morning!

    I'll be stopping by CVS this week and use some of my coupons/ECB to pick up a few necessities for the coming months.

    I also think I'm going to make Tuesday a shopping day and head to a couple of the grocery stores. We'll be going to meat market this week and John dislikes doing groceries and meats as well, though he doesn't care if I do them both, he just doesn't want to spend that much time 'working' at it.

  4. I used coupons years ago but found for me, I was spending too much time looking for the deals. Which store had the lower price etc. Since moving to a smaller town (vs. San Diego) we are really trying to shop locally first. I do not shop online other than small shops on etsy. The three of us I guess are just so set in our ways in regards to products. Such as toothpaste. My son and I use Crest, my husband prefers Colgate. Those really are about the only coupons I would use. None of us care if our shampoo, soap etc are cheap brands, and often I can find a good deal at the 99 cent store, but I am careful with the sizes there.

    Although I am really trying to get away from shopping at WM, even they have a few products I prefer to name brands. So I go there once a month to help keep cost down. I do so miss the commissary, but our local grocery store though high, does have great sales every week.

    For me personally the coupons really were getting me to buy things I really did not need, as I did not want to lose out on the savings.

    I am very sorry I missed the sale at Bath and Body works and crazy me would have purchased stuff, even though I have plenty of body wash and lotion for the next several months. LOL

    I guess it boils down to not using coupons keeps me out of the stores weekly, so I spend less. If I have a coupon to use, I will buy more than just what the coupon is for. It took me ages to realize that one.

    blessings, jill

  5. Heidi- the news says this pinch is being felt worldwide and you confirm that. But I am glad we have coupons in the US. When I am careful, they can help quite a bit.
    Yes, the older I get the less I want. I would be happy to move to a little cottage but we have lots of company for now and that would be harder in a tiny place.

  6. Kim- hello! very nice to meet you.

  7. Terri- hope you have a good shopping week. My CVS was very well stocked and Walgreens seemed so too but I did not buy much there.
    You already know my husband is a great sport about shopping. Today, he did just chaffeur me and stayed in the car while I shopped. For how I was shopping today, it made it really fast.

  8. Hi Jilly, I do know what you mean. I think the time use was why I slowed down on my coupon usage but I have to got to manage our grocery spending better so I am hoping this will help.
    My town is so small. we have CVS and Walgreens, 2 small grocers that double to 50 cents and then the 2 superwalmarts.
    I am thinking if I just concentrate on the best deals, where I roll the bucks and register rewards every week or so, then that will stretch our dollars the most.

    About bath and body works, do you like the aromatherapy best? I am on their email list and can let you know if they put them on sale, I am pretty sure they will at least once before Christmas.

  9. Great job on getting all that stuff at such a good price!

    I don't do much CVS/Walgreens shopping. But I see that people really are able to save quite a bit so maybe I should pay more attention :)

  10. I absolutely agree about everything going up in price! Hubby got a little raise over the past two years but I'm yet to see the difference. I shop with coupons occasionally too but not nearly enough. I plan on going back to couponing next year. Nothing extreme but to save us a little it of money. You got some nice deals there today!

  11. Hi Rhonda - just now getting 'round to visiting - Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

    I watch the circulars, too. I try to buy on sale and with coupons, too - especially when eating out. When we do eat out, Tony and I usually try to get one good-size entree so we can split it. Split a big sandwich or burger (or whatever) and order an extra cup of soup or an extra salad. Makes it a little cheaper. Our local grocery store has, every few weeks, 2-fers or buy one-get one. That's when I try to stock up. Or say, 10 cans of vegetables for a flat rate, etc. I'm sure you're doing things like that, too.

    coupons ROCK!

  12. Wow! You did save, good for you!
    Hugs, Cindy
    PS I'm back from holidays, but blogger won't let me post anymore photos, so I'm still not back to blogging. :)

  13. Absolutely I shop with coupons but only at CVS. It's the only coupon friendly store in my town. I don't like to use coupons at Walmart. Too many eye rolls and attitude. CVS is great though.

  14. I like to watch the saving deals at CVS too. I have gotten some really good deals recently but it does take some planning. I don't like the idea of stockpiling either. I buy what we need only. I can get the Sunday paper for only a $1 at our local dollar store early on Sunday after church. It is on the way home! I check out the coupons and deals while I wait for my daughters who are in the teen orchestra at Butler Univ. Now here is the big secret I discovered. CVS and Kroger in the neighborhood closer to the University and the kids' high school, have cheaper prices and odd sales much different from my neighborhood. For example, the greek yogurt is sometimes as high as $1.09 at Kroger in my neighborhood. In the other neighborhood, the yogurt sits on the shelf, rarely sells and is always marked down to $.19!! Of course we have to eat it sooner rather than later but we eat it so much that it really does get eaten or made into smoothies. I have noticed many other items marked down also like expensive cuts of meat. Most of the other items are the expensive ones that I often have a coupon for. All of this is not an obsession but just a simple way to save a little money. I always love your saving ideas. As I have written before, you are an inspiration.


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