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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

little girl aprons

Me and my mom
Christmas 1962- I would of just turned 5
Wearing an apron made by my great grandmother.  

My mom kept that little apron and I got it from her a few months ago.

My sewing project last night was copying that apron and sewing one for grand daughter Elizabeth. I just folded the old apron In half and laid it in on my fabric on the fold and carefully cut around it. I also cut out ties and a pocket, just eyeballing it.
Can you see the new fabric is printed with tiny tomatoes? Elizabeth loves eating May-toes!

The edges are all covered with narrow bias tape and a little button fastens the neck.

It took me less than an hour to sew it up. I am not sure it will fit Elizabeth right now as she is just 2 1/2.
I'll just hold on to it until it does fit her. And I better sew up another one for grand daughter Andie who just turned 1.

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  1. That is so cute!!! Love the picture of you wearing yours.

  2. Rhonda, I love it!!!! So cool to still have yours and then to make your granddaughters one! Something they will cherish for years too. You will have to get a picture of you with them as they grow into them. I like the tomato print. It is a cute apron pattern!

  3. I love that you have your old one, and know that Elizabeth will enjoy her May-toe one. What a fun tradition!

  4. Oh that is sooo cute!! Love it to bits! :) I love yours as well... just sweet!

  5. How sweet that your mom keep the apron! The material is darling and I know a little girl will be super happy.

  6. What an amazing tradition you are passing on on your granddaughter. It turned out adorable!

  7. That is really cute! I love that you have a your apron and a photo of you in it! :)

  8. How sweet!! Your grandaughter will love this forever!!!

  9. I love your apron. How sweet that you still have yours! If I can make a pattern from your photo I am going to make one for my granddaughter Talula. Yours will love it I know!

    Linda at The French Hens nest

  10. What a treasure to still have yours! I LOVE the one you made too! So cute.

  11. looks great! I need to find some "fun" fabric to make a couple of aprons. My oldest daughter, now 4, LOVES to help me cook. She needs a special apron just her size

  12. That's amazing that you still have the little apron! Love the one you made!

  13. You were a beautiful little girl, and the apron is adorable. How nice that your mom still had it. I love the sweet little apron that you've made for Elizabeth. I have made two different aprons for my youngest grand daughter, one when she was three and one about a year ago. I made for my grandson, too! I made it very boyish, and he loves it.

  14. How wonderful that your mom kept the apron and now you have made your granddaughter one! It is so cute!

  15. What a special treasure to pass along to your grand littles one day!


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