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Thursday, September 13, 2012

How much would you buy?

 My husband took me to Oklahoma City to do the bulk of our monthly grocery shopping.  We went to 4 grocery stores and got several good deals - will talk more about this in the next post - but the best deal was Kraft products at Crest Foods.  Some of the grated cheese, 8 ounce bags,  were $1.25 each.  For every 5 Kraft products purchased,  the cash register deducts $5.  

No coupons needed.  
At first I thought it would only take off one $5 per transaction but that is not how it works.  It will deduct the $5 for every 5 Kraft products,  no matter how many you buy.  

This is the register tape for one transaction of 5 bags of cheese,  $1.66 was the total prices.
that makes each bag of cheese just 33 cents with tax!  
or 66 cents a pound!  

When I found it would work with multiple bags,  I bought the rest on one transaction.  

Yes,  we Oklahomans get to pay sales tax on groceries,  we even have to pay tax on what the groceries would cost before the coupons.  

Great deal, huh?  
My family really really really likes cheese.  Grated cheese freezes great and I will share some of the bags with my daughter too.  

We bought 30 pounds of grated cheese,  also 5 bags of cheese slices that were $2.50 before the coupon- so 5 bags were $7.50 before tax.
Kraft Salad Dressing,  16 ounce bottles,  were $1.94.  They are also in this deal.  We got 5 bottles - 94 cents a bottle after coupons.  

so,  do you like cheese?  how many would you buy?  

P.S.  Crest is a big, well stocked store.  The cheese was shelved in 2 places and 2 stockers were refilling the biggest display when I shopped.  So,  no, I was not clearing the shelves by any means.
if you live near this Crest Foods,  I believe you will be able to do the same deal I did  


  1. We love cheese, too! Although overall, I don't care for the pre-grated cheese as much as blocks that I grate myself. I would buy whatever I could afford but at least 5.:-)Great deal!

  2. We love cheese, too! That sounds like a great deal!


  3. What a deal!!! We use alot of cheese in stuff.

  4. What a deal! I think I would have purchased 15 bags. Five each of our favorite kinds. We go through a lot of cheese.

  5. Hi Rhonda,
    What a good deal. Miss Candi would be in cheese heaven. LOl She said to tell you he would happily clean up the carrots or you. Lol

  6. My husband would love for me to buy that much cheese, but we 'here' also know he would eat it in record time. That is a great deal you received. I have not seen anything like that here. Been buying 2# block of cheddar and jack at our local farm stand. It is about $3 for the block. But if I see a deal like yours, I'm in!!!

    So glad to see you are still going to blog.
    blessings, jill

  7. Great deal on the cheese! We don't have a Crest Foods here in northern IL. Have never even heard of them. We also pay sales tax on groceries. IL has high taxes on EVERYTHING! Our sales tax is 7.25% (Chicago is over 10%!); gasoline tax is ridiculous; property taxes...don't even get me started!


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