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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday's shopping

said she likes my shopping posts- it is not exactly earth shattering- but here is what I bought today

All of this was about $7,  after coupons and sales
the Grands were on sale for $1 - had a 40 cent/on 3 coupon that was doubled
this store has "banana Tuesday" and the bananas sell for 42 cents a pound on Tuesdays
celery was 50 cents a bunch- I got 3
the air fresheners were free with coupons from BzzAgent.com
milk and tomatoes were also on sale and I had a $3 store coupon.

I washed the celery and tomatoes and packed them in Tupperware FridgeSmarts
I really think they keep produce fresh longer than other storage methods

I went to 1 thrift store and spent $6
swaddle blanket for the new grandson coming in April
very soft velour one piece suit for youngest grandson

2 shirts and 3 pair of leggings for youngest grand daughter
brown skirt and red Christmas skirt for oldest grand daughter

the only big ticket item bought today
4 whole pork loins - on sale today only for $1.69 a pound
all 4 came to $50.

3 of them have been cooked tonight and
the last one will get cooked tomorrow.
I'll show you about them later.

Have you found any good deals lately?


  1. I was able to get in on a ton of baking deals before Thanksgiving so I am stocked back up. I would love to see what you do with the Pork as I have a few in the freezer but didn't like how they turned out last time

  2. I really need to get back into couponing! I always forget to buy the Sunday paper though!

  3. Tracy, we get 2 papers delivered on Sunday, our local paper comes daily and I get the big OKCity paper only on Sunday. So that gives me 2 sets of coupons.
    and my brother is so sweet to save his coupons for me. He usually has several copies of each as he works on a big university and has access to multiple papers.
    Do any of your non-couponing friends or relatives get papers that might save them for you?

  4. Great shopping deals, Rhonda! Unfortunately, I haven't found any good grocery deals here lately at all. Seems the prices just keep getting higher.

  5. I went to Aldis today and they had their butter marked down. Which is just what I needed because I only had two sticks left from when they were on sale a few months ago (I freeze them).

    You did great! That Christmas skirt is so cute.

  6. We read recently that if you separate your bananas at the stem when you first buy them that they last a bit longer, We do that, and I think it helps, but it does seem like they go bad so quickly (re your previous post).


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