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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sewing and bananas

Life is getting back to normal. Husband's knee surgery was 3 weeks ago and he requested a light duty work release and went back to work this week.
Not sure how normal things are ever are around here though!

I've done a little sewing.
One small project to alter Elizabeth's Easter dress. Her momma ordered it from a company called Southern Tots. It was a little big so I shortened the elastic in the neck casing and added a casing with elastic at the waist to make the dress more fitted.

Grandbaby #5 is due in April and his mom requested a stack of flannel burp cloths shaped like 8s. The snuggly flannel was on sale at Joann's. I had fun picking out some prints and fun sewing them up.

Somewhere in the past, I heard a tip that keeping bananas in a bag keeps them from ripening quickly. Well, it works! At least first time I tried it.
We bought a bunch of bananas at Aldis on Friday. They were just ripe enough to eat that day. I have kept them in a sealed bag at room temperature. We've been eating one or two each day. The last 2 were eaten today and they were only slightly riper than on Friday but still  just right for eating.
Usually our 5 day old bananas are too ripe for eating and ready for banana bread.
I hope this was not a fluke. Bananas are one of my favorite fruits and it would be wonderful to keep them at our preferred ripeness longer.

Burp clothes- reversible

5 day old banana after being kept in a sealed bag