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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April coupon challenge part 6- results

I planned to keep better records on this coupon challenge but with the new grandbaby,  many of the small things just didn't get done.
I think there are pictures of all my April coupon purchases (did you spot my goof and which picture is doubled?)
Anyway, on coupon items,  I spent about $83 for goods that I estimate would of cost close to $200 if they were bought at regular price without coupons.
I am happy with the results.  Couponing does take work and organization,  and I left dollars on the table twice by not being organized.
We added lots of dish soap, 2 laundry products, 4 bars of soap,  high end and basic razors, hair care products, paper products and 16 cans of juice to our pantry along with several grocery items.  

So,  I will keep couponing.
Nothing extreme but even this small  amount does help stretch the grocery budget.  

And I earned a  $10 ECB to spend at CVS  in May.  

How do you feel about coupons?
do you like them?  can't stand them?  or just use them because it is how the game is played?

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  1. You saved a lot so well done. It pays to stretch a dollar here and there. I use coupons but don't enjoy doing so. I mainly use them at my pharmacy to get bonus points when shopping. Once I get so many points I get to redeem them for money ($10, $30 or $60) so I try and save up to at least $30 and buy what I don't normally get at that time. I also use coupons for clothes shopping for my mother and I. It really cuts the clothes budget by about 2/3. I wouldn't buy as many clothes if they weren't so inexpensive.

  2. I use them, but only for things I would have bought anyway. I find many that I clip and save don't get used because the store brand is still cheaper than the brand name with a coupon. But I always check anyway just in case it's on special or in the scratch/dent bin. Every little bit does add up!

  3. You did great! Are you going to do a May Challenge? When I get out of the hospital I am going to have to watch the pennies even more due to lack of work for a while. Keep up the good work!


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