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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty Funny Happy Real, but not in that order

I re-arranged the living room, again!  
I change things around so much that it has become a family joke.  

We have had just wild weather for a month or so.  It will be spring like for days and then a cold front with  freezing temps will travel through.
This picture was Tuesday -a very pretty weather day.
But another cold front is moving through right now and a hard freeze, maybe snow is expected.
In May!

More Pretty 
a stack of burp cloths

freshly sewn.  I think there are 29
the shine my Marine husband put on these much worn shoes for  attorney son,
made that son very happy!
I don't know about current Marines and their shoe shining requirements
I think they all wear tan suede boots that not need polish

but old school Marines got lots of practice at shining up those black boots.


a fall blouse that I started sewing in the fall.
but never finished.
It needs buttons, a hem and the trim sewn all the way on.

But I guess it can wait until September!

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  1. That's a very pretty gang of kiddo's in the sandbox!! My hubby too still shines his shoes, not as good as your but he was a Navy boy, not eonugh training for sure! Ha

  2. I can't tell you how many times I watched my husband shine his boots! He used shoe polish and a melting ice cube and called it a spit shine. :)

  3. love all of it! Stay warm! Hope it doesn't snow on you! ha.

  4. Your home is so pretty. I try to rearrange the furniture, but it always ends up the same way!
    My husband was Air Force (so was I) and was forever shining his boots!
    Love the burp cloths!

  5. Your living room looks like the perfect place to gather with friends & family...I, too, like to re-arrange my furniture; It's new and FREE. :o)

  6. Cozy living room - I like how you arranged it. There's some sweet little kiddos in that sand box - so cute - love the bald headed one - all 3 of my kids were bald!

  7. I don't know how your living room looked before, but it's very pretty, relaxing, and inviting-looking! Our weather has been like yours - very warm a few days ago, and now cold.

  8. Thanks for joining! That sandbox is getting a workout :)

  9. i bought same shoes from macys online coupons and my son really like it.


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