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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday's bargains

 I did a little shopping after the Thanksgiving lunch since I was in town and had no grandchildren in tow.

One grocery store had Red Gold tomatoes very cheap.  You had to buy exactly 10 and they took $5.00 off the sale prices.  Today was the third trip I've made to this store during the sale cycle so I ended up with 30 low cost containers of tomato products.  
 The 5 pounds of flour was 99 cents- limit one
 salsa was 69 cents a jar
tomatoes and green chilis - just like Rotel brand but even better in my opinion- 29 cents.  

I would of liked to get a lot more at those low prices but with the limits, 
 I am happy with what we could purchase.  

Then I stopped at my favorite thrift store. 
 Last week,  I found little baby pants for my youngest grandson,  
a Dress Barn ultrasuede skirt for me and 
some toys for the oldest grandson.  
This week,  I found  a very cute Gymboree dress and top and 2 pairs of shoes  
all for our oldest granddaughter-
 it was all $5 plus tax.  

about the shoes - I don't buy used shoes but I will buy new shoes at a thrift store. 
 Some of the shoes there do look worn already but many times, 
 there are very nice ones that have not been worn at all.  


  1. Great deals!! When there is a super sale many times I drag huuby along with a buggy of his own so we can double our savings!

  2. Wow, you did awesome! The Garage Luncheon sounds like it was delicious! Your rolls look so good. I just printed off your Magic Blondies; my family will love them! I so enjoy your posts; I read every one!


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