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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

I saw that Money Saving Mom is listing daily challenges for 4 weeks to help get our homes more organized.    Who doesn't want a more organized home?  
I did not read about it until Tuesday even though it started on Monday 
but decided I should try to follow along as best I can. 

Day 1 was to clean out your purse or diaper bag-
I did not think mine was too messy before I started
but once I cleaned it out,  it was so much lighter !
It will be nice to look in it for something and be able to find it quickly.

A product review on my purse- It is a Cath Kidston that I bought right after Christmas 2011 on clearance .
I have used it most everyday since then.  I still love it and it really is not showing any wear even after 10 months of use.

Day 2 was to clean out the fridge- I have 2 fridges and I got them both wiped out,  got rid of few things,

also put some things in smaller containers- like the 12 olives left in a quart jar got put in a tiny jar.

the fridges are not too full as it is about time to do a monthly stock up again.

Today,  Day 3 was to clean up and organize the freezer
I did that but did not take pictures.  
Have you joined in?  
It would still be easy to catch up this early in the game.....


  1. I did this last month, what a job!!! But it will be nice to start the holiday's off right

  2. It looks like your ginger ale cans are upside down. Is there a reason for that? Just wondering. I can't wait to get a 2nd fridge again.


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