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Monday, October 8, 2012

Frugal October- Day 8

Quit a Bad Habit

I have been drinking and enjoying diet sodas for a good portion of my adult life.  
And I have given them up for another portion of my life,  mostly for finances but also because I know they were a bad habit.

At the beginning of 2012,  I was off of all sodas and doing fine.
Then,  we were thrown for a loop when our 2nd grand daughter was born premature and tiny.  
I was so nervous,  and went back to drinking Diet Dr Pepper.  Yes, I know that makes no sense because the caffeine accelerates your nervous system,  but when I was drinking them,  I thought I felt better. 
The last 7 months have been rather stressful and I just kept drinking more and more soda.

Well,  enough of that!  it is expensive to buy sodas,  inconvenient to lug them home from the store, and they were not tasting good anymore.  
So the last week of September,  I ran out and have not bought or drank anymore.  

Caffeine withdrawal,  if you really are dependent on it,  will cause some horrible headaches and lots of sluggish feelings and just plain tiredness.  I took Aleeve to help with the headaches,  they did not go all the way away but the Aleeve made them bearable.  I also went to bed earlier for about  a week and ate sweets when I wanted to fight the sweet fix I had been getting with soda.  

I must say I am really proud of myself for doing it and really am feeling better too.  

If you need to quit caffeine,  try to find a lower-stress time in your life to do it.  Because it will make you feel b - a - d until you get the craving out of your system.  

Now I am drinking water,  some unsweetened iced tea,  and a cup or two of hot lemon tea.  
Yes, tea has caffeine too but much much less they way I make it than soda does.
I've also drank a few ginger ales when I wanted something fizzy.  


  1. Congrats! It is not easy. When I was working I would drink a six pack or more of Diet Coke. Just was just while I was at work! It was hard to stop drinking it. I will now have Diet Coke if I eat out, but do not buy any for home. I never want to have to break the habit again. You are right the headaches were terrible!

  2. I broke the diet coke habit years ago, but I still have one occasionally...usually if we eat out. Good for you for quitting!

    Still have my coffee, though. ha.

  3. Good for you I really need to give it up, but just keep going back to it.

  4. Congrats on giving up caffine. I had to stop cold turkey 10 years back, I was so darn sick the first week I almost gave up. Have you tried decaf ice tea? I can't tell any differance at all. Most of the time now I drink only water or juice. Having a cute glass to drink from helps!!

  5. You did good, girl! YEA! I know caffiene is hard to get off of. My husband goes cold turkey and tries to get off coffee from time to time. I quit buying sodas when my kids were young. Very infrequently did I ever buy soda. Plus - I have a heart arrythmia that keeps me from having caffiene, so I figured if I can't have it, neither can my family! If they want a coke they have to go to the store and get themselves one! haha!

  6. Congrats on giving up diet soda! I gave it up many years ago (20+) and have never looked back. I'm so glad I don't like any soda at all - it's so bad for you. The regular stuff has a ton of sugar and the diet soda has either aspartame or Splenda in it - both chemically-processed sweeteners with bad side effects.

    I'm sure you'll feel much better! :-)


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