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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April coupon challenge part 2

I had planned out this shopping trip and
 even though I've been using coupons for more than 30 years and was shopping alone with no distractions, 
 I still made 2 goofs.  


The CVS coupon scanner printed another Clear hair product so I got a 2nd one free.  The Suave deoderants were 10/$10 with a $3 ECB after purchase.  
I used a $4 ECB and a few Suave coupons but my first goof was not having a $2.50 ECB that I earned previously with my list.  I spent $6.82- but it would of been $2.50 less.......

Can you spot my 2nd couponing goof?  I had 5 Maruchan coupons but the 5th one was not accepted at the register as I had only picked up 4 Maruchan and 1 ChowMein noodle bowls.
Saved $12.50 with coupons.

so far,  I've spent $18.88,
got 28 products 
Sales tax so far is $3.80 - because nothing in Oklahoma is really free,  except maybe the wind 


  1. Welcome to couponing. It is great fun.

  2. Still a really good coupon haul I would say!! Stocking up to me is the only way to go.

  3. well, good for you! I've goofed on coupons before. Grrr. haha.

  4. Good work with your couponing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Good deal with your couponing! Thanks for sharing your deals.


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