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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Front door Easter decorations

We have not been on a normal routine here for several weeks and when I started seeing Easter decorations on other blogs, I thought I was too busy and lacking enough energy to decorate our home this season.
Then I thought about my grandchildren and how they like fun and pretty things, so after I cleaned house this morning, I got out the storage tub of Easter things.

It's funny how when you start doing things, it just makes you want to do more.

I remembered I have been wanting a big Easter egg wreath for years. We had to go the bank so while we were in town, I bought a wreath form and plastic eggs.

I used new eggs and old eggs, can't say how many but takes lots. Hot glue seemed to be the perfect adhesive.

The living room is decorated too and I will show some pictures of it tomorrow.

Our front door


  1. that easter egg wreath is so cute!
    I guess you have to get a big enough wreath for them all to fit, huh?
    I like where you have it.

    I also like your motto:
    "If you do stuff, stuff get done."

    Simple as that, huh? Pat

  2. OH!!! I LOVE that wreath!!!!

  3. I love the wreath! It's so springy.

  4. that turned out great! the grands will love it!

  5. That wreath is adorable! Your grandkids are going to love it!


  6. Love this wreath, so fun! I don't have a single Easter decoration here yet :(

  7. I see a trip to the dollar store on my list now. I am going to have to have a wreath like yours, it's TOOOO cute!!

  8. That is a cute little porch area. The wreath is adorable! I just added plastic eggs to my shopping list. :)

  9. Easter decorations are gorgeous...from reading comments you have inspired several readers to make an Easter Egg wreath. The ceramics Lou did are so precious.

  10. Youe entryway is so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Fantastic wreath! I'm sure it did take lots of eggs!

  12. Your entryway is beautiful Rhonda!

  13. I made this exact wreath a few years ago and it looks great and was so easy! It's hanging next to my front door.

  14. Love the wreath! I should do one with all the eggs we have.


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