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Friday, January 25, 2013

Some little things from this week......

did you know that you can wash the canister on most vacuums?
I did not either until I saw it done on Sunny Simple Life.
This was fast and easy to do-
our vacuum is at least 5 years old and was very overdue for this washing.
The canister on mine comes completely off.
 My filter looks different than Sunny Simple Lifes so I washed mine in the sink and let it dry for 12 hours, like it says my filter but I had never noticed the instructions before.
It smells much better and just looks better too.   

Farmers Pork Chops in the front dish- sauteed spinach behind

I cooked this new to me recipe from the Charm of Home this week- it is a keeper recipe!
I pretty much followed her recipe except I just made a half recipe,  used Mrs. Dash instead of the seasoned salt and put the glass lid on this pyrex dish for the second part of the baking.    

I use the spice rack, junk drawer, utensil drawer and knife drawer every day.  But they had all gotten out of whack  so I spent a few minutes on each one- just straightening and organizing and discarding a few things.

I 've also done a little moving around in my home and have pretty much changed the breakfast room area into an extension of the kitchen- with no money spent.  It has really added to my kitchen work area.
I'll post pictures soon. 

The holiday on Monday was nice but made the week seem shorter and it just sped by.  
No plans for this weekend though and I am hoping to spend some time crafting and sewing Saturday.
I really hope to do a Cricut project,  I never got the Cricut challenge last week.  

I hope you all have a nice weekend!  


  1. Nice! I've been working through the drawers of the house, too. I love the organized look when it's done!

    pork chops sound yummy!

  2. I like the bottles with the red lids on your spice shelf. Are those reused coffee bottles? Whatever they are they are adorable!

    1. Wendi and Debby, those little glass bottles are from Starbucks coffee drinks. They come in a four pack. But I did not drink them. My daughter used the bottles for drinks at her daughter's first birthday party. She got most of them from my mom and from coworkers. After the party, I got quite a few of them and saved them for spices.
      They work great and remind me of the bottles of milk in my elementary school cafeteria.

  3. We love farmers pork chops!!! Your spices look so darn cute in the little jars, where did you get them? Good luck with a fun weekend project, nothing better than a little play time

  4. Good for you! It feels so nice to have things streamlined and clean.


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