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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge - week 2 of 2013

This week's challenge at 
was to make a project using tags.  
Tags has a very broad definition and I hope how I did mine fits with their ideas.  

I bake a lot with my bread machine.  Some recipes I can remember in my head but I have several bread recipes and I was having to get out the booklet that came with my machine every time I started some bread.
So,  I thought new recipe card tags would help me out.  
 I used the From My Kitchen cartridge for all cuts on this project.
My tags are the 2 layered potholders.  
I had wrote my favorite recipes on each one.  
I used scraps to play and cut out little embellishments.  Some of them made their way to my tags and some were not the right sizes.   I am still very much a novice at the Cricut but I have fun every time I use this machine.  
So they will be easy to use,  I tacked them to the inside of my baking cabinet.  

But I think I better make some more......
this is the inside of another cabinet door with an assortment of favorite recipes taped on it- it I don't think it looks nearly as cute as my new tags,  

Do you Cricut?  


  1. Every time I see one of your Cricut projects I'm reminded how much I want one! I have recipes taped to the inside of my cabinet doors, but they're not cute like yours. I'm wishing . . .


    1. Carol, my DIL just bought herself a Cricut at Joanns. She said it was on clearance, I think, and was $80.

  2. I don't Cricut, but I do have a few recipes taped to the inside of my cupboard door! That and a list of medications the boys are on so anyone can dole them out if I'm not around. Your little tags are very cute!

    1. Thank you Betsy, yes, the insides of cabinets are very useful, aren't they? Like a private bulletin board. :)

  3. How stinkin cute it that!!! I do have a Cricut but not the kitchen cartridge, However I do have a friend that has it. I am soo going to barter with her for a nice pile of these cute cards for my bread recipe's. Thanks for sharing. I am such a sloppy cook I think I will laminate them

    1. Debby, what colors do you want yours? I will make you a stack and mail them off, before I forget how!

  4. After seeing your posts about the Cricut makes me think I need one. I have no clue what I would use it for, but I think I might could come up with something. :)

    1. Lori, Cricuts are fun but a little more tricky to master than the company lets on. I think you would like one for homeschool projects as well as home crafts. But do some research before you buy one.

  5. Creatively clever! Love your pot holder tags!

    Thanks for joining us this week at FCCB!


  6. Brilliant idea they look so neat and tidy thanks for sharing your inspiration with us at FCCB this week xhugsx Nikki

  7. These are so cute! Great job Rhonda! Never thought of taping recipes to my cabinet doors...

  8. This is an absolutely incredible idea! What a great way to organize your recipes and keep them handy, but cute, too! Thanks for joining us at FCCB this week!!!

  9. I would love to have a cricut machine, I have no idea what you can do with it, but your tags are wonderful, just as cute as can be. They look very neat and tidy inside the cupboard door.
    Hugs, Cindy


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