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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pantry Challenge Day 2

Another easy day for the challenge

My husband takes a packed lunch bag to work.  Today, it had a string cheese, a little dish of mixed nuts,  a peeled orange, some fruit cocktail, cole slaw and a dish of leftover blackeyed peas and rice along with a thermos of coffee.  He usually drinks orange and juice before he leaves for work and then eats what I pack on his lunch hour and morning break.
I had banana muffins for breakfast, skipped lunch and ate fresh pineapple for my afternoon snack.
Supper was a big green salad,  mixed veggies, and a casserole made with cooked chicken from the freezer,  a tube of crescent rolls left from Christmas and the last can of cream of soup in the pantry.  I don't plan on buying more cream soup and will try  some of the recipes to make it homes.  
I also made a batch of oatmeal cookies for dessert if we get hungry tonight and for snacks later in the week.  

Our local grocery ads started a new cycle today but I did not see anything in them we need right now.

We have some big financial goals for 2013.  
We think they are doable with a little planning and work.  

But,  today my husband got his first paycheck with the 2% change in SS taxes.  
2% is a big chunk
just a warning to you to be prepared when you see your first 2013 paychecks.  

I knew this was coming but it was still not a good surprise.  
It makes me even more determined to continue this challenge.  


  1. I'm dreading to get our first paycheck this month. Between medical insurance and this change it's going to be significantly lower. This will be quite an adjustment for us too :(

  2. yep..the paycheck is going to be smaller. :(

    Your food today was wonderful...and even better that it was all from your frig and pantry!

  3. I'm waiting for the new year check next week. I am afraid to see the reduction with our insurance increase and tax increase. We'll be tweaking the budget next week and might not be pretty!

    Great job on the pantry challenge.

  4. We took a peek at hubby's check yesterday, yikes!!! We had dinner out last night but it was using a GC so no money spent. Today's project it to get the panrty back in shape from the holiday I know there are things lurking in there That will come in handy for the big game Monday

  5. That 2% added to everything else going up is going to hurt a lot of people.

    Love the lunch you packed for your DH.


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