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Friday, October 5, 2012

Frugal October - Day 5

 homemade spray starch
I mixed up a new batch of spray starch- just 2 parts water and  1 part liquid starch
I like this so much better than aerosol starch,  it is cheaper and has no scent.   
Frugal toddler fun 

little ones love to do crafts and art.  
The big sheets of paper were saved from something I bought that was wrapped up in them for cushion.  
Grand daughter is using rubber stamps I have had for years and some kid paint bought awhile back.  
I do prefer the kid paint as it is washable.  But a few tubes will last a long time.  

the fancy premade kits are nice but it just as fun and cheaper to create with the  supplies you already have.  

Product Review
For supper,  I used this can of Progresso Starters cooking sauce that I got as a freebie.  
Did you get one too?
Mostly I cook from scratch and we rarely eat out but I do use ready made foods every once in a while.
I made this recipe for Creamy Lemon Chicken 
It was easy,  looked just like the picture,  and used just a few ingredients.  My husband really liked it,  he said it reminded him of a restaurant meal.  
I have some 50 cent coupons on it that were in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago,  if I find a sale,  I will be adding some cans of this to my pantry.  It would be good for busy days.  
legal stuff- I did not get any payment from Progresso to say this,  they did send me a can of soup and this is my honest opinion of it.  

we liked the one bowl oatmeal cookies from last so much that I baked another batch today.
Some went in the can for eating now and some went in baggies in the freezer for lunchboxes.  
Making your own pre-packed treats is a big cost-cutter.  

In the jar is a batch of homemade easy caramel sauce to serve with apple slices.  
Wendi and her daughter made another type of caramel sauce,  theirs looked so good,  I have been wanting  apples and caramel ever since I read her blog post.  

Are these bracelets dangerous?  
I know these rubber bracelets have been around for years.
We got some on Friday at a bank picnic  and my grandchildren had a lot of fun with them.  
But my 2 year old grand daughter somehow put one on her ankle and then she pushed it up on her calf where it was very tight.  I did not see it there until after her 2 hour nap when I changed her diaper.
It was too tight and left a big indention.  
I think if it had been on longer,  it might of caused some serious damage.  

Anyway,  I think I have found and thrown away all 6 bracelets we brought home from that picnic.
I don't recall ever hearing any warnings about these bracelets.
Was this just  a fluke for my grand daughter or have other people had the same problem?  


  1. I don't recall any warnings about those bracelets and they seem quite popular.

    No I didn't get a Progresso Starters sauce but most of that stuff has too much sodium in it for me.

  2. wow...yes, I've never heard of a warning, either!

    I'm with you on the little baggies of things for lunches. I do that for my boys lunches. I buy the big containers of yogurt and fill my own little rubbermaid containers instead of buying the single serve things at the grocery. So much cheaper! Same with chips and things like that.

    I'll have to look for that can of stuff...I agree about always cooking from scratch, but every once in a while, if you find something really tasty and you can pick it up on sale, it's nice to have in the pantry!

  3. I do wish I had some nice home baked oatmeal cookies!

  4. I have not heard anything about the rubber bracelets, but that is so scary what your little granddaughter did! Glad you saw it before she was seriously injured.

    I've never heard of that new Progresso starter sauce, but I don't/can't use things like that in my cooking because of the high sodium content.


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