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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Frugal October, Day 2

Frugal Cookies
another good quick cookie recipe
mine are made with this recipe from Cookie Madness with a few changes

I used regular flour and sugar
coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil- but any veg oil would be fine
sour cream instead of yogurt
and no raisins.

They stir up fast,  no mixer needed,
and if your baking supplies are organized,  you can have these mixed up and on the cookie sheets ready to bake before the oven preheats.


  1. The cookies look so good, wish I had one right now. My hubby too can fix just about anything, it saves us tons of $$. You are so right about an orginized kitchen, I am still finding things in the wrong places when hubby had to help out around the house when I was in the boot. I really slows me down looking for things

  2. The cookies look good. Grandpa has a big helper there.

  3. Thanks Rhonda, for you kind comment on my last blog entry.
    I like coconut oil too and now use it on popcorn all the time. I loved the photo of Grandpa fixing the bike!...........Denise

  4. The cookies look delicious! I agree, if it can be fixed, all the better.

  5. HI! I'm finally here! :)

    Your new blog is delightful! And the cookies sure look yummy!

    Frugal October...what a fun theme!


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