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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday's cooking

Pasta Salad
I had an email yesterday from Don't Waste the Crumbs with her pasta salad recipe.
She has a homemade dressing recipe but I used Kraft Zesty Italian

She used grated carrots and so did, with some red onion, celery and green bell pepper-
I need to go produce shopping but thankfully had enough fresh veggies to make this salad.
I will be making this again,  it would be great to have a bowl in the fridge for busy weekday lunches.
My version turned out delicious!  I am really glad I read that email yesterday.

I could of been a little more careful when I grated the carrots.....

The entree for supper was  beef eye of round roast cooked in the crockpot
with carrots and potatoes.  

Dessert was what I called a Lemon Tart.
I like very tart lemon desserts and pinned this recipe a while back.
Martha Stewart Zesty Lemon Bars

Martha's recipe makes a 13 by 9 recipe but I did not think we needed that big of a dessert right now, so I divided the recipe in half and baked it in a 9 inch round pie pan.
It mixed up really quick and I will be making this again when we want an easy pie-like dessert.

( I used bottled lemon juice instead of fresh and skipped the step of freezing the crust before baking)

My husband and I ate half of this meal and I sent half of it home with my daughter, grand daughter and son in law.

I better get busy,
some of the things I need to do today
walk with our dog, laundry, pick up grand daughter at preschool,  do a little grocery shopping,
and cook another supper,
but last night's supper will be hard to top!


  1. Hi Rhonda,
    I make this kind of Pasta for Dave all the time. I use whatever veggies I have on hand. Sometimes I added a little chopped cooked meat too.
    You are a the queen of making do. :) I thought of you tonight. I went to 2 stores to do a little cherry picking.


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