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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pretty, funny, happy, real

2 KnockOut rose bushes,  just starting their blooming for 2013
pink on the left, red on the right

This is a sewing machine one of my brother's bought at a yard sale so he can patch  and repair his work clothes.
It is actually a pretty good machine,  he needed my help getting it up and running.  It had the wrong kind of bobbin in  it and once we got the correct kind,  I got it stitching for him.

I have my doubts that it will get used much though.

I have 2 older bachelor brothers.  Both are very smart in their jobs and do lots of gardening and other DIY things too.
One is a big time professor at a big time school.
The other is an electrical contractor.
They both value sewing but apparently never paid one bit of attention to our mother while she was sewing so much when we were growing up.
They both want to sew but were clueless about how to thread a sewing machine and did not even know how the bobbin worked either.  I've given them both basic machine lessons but they were both so daunted by how thread up their machines,  I doubt they ever sew.

Good thing they can both afford to buy new clothes if they wear out their old ones.

Happy Grandsons
1 month old JJ having sweet baby dreams

10 month old Braeden - quite happy and proud
when he climbed  up on the slide platform all by himself.  

4 year old Gavin- happy to catch a big fish from their pond

Real  - 

and kind of gross- so look away now if you are squeamish
I got our lawn mower out of the shed and this dead critter was underneath it.
Thankfully,  he was dead!
and thankfully he was outside and not in our house.

 he was big, those floor tiles are 4 inch squares.
I could of disposed of him but I told my husband and he told me to leave it alone and he shoveled it  up when he got home from work.

I hope your week has had many more happy and funny and pretty,
and less gross

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  1. Oh...your sleeping grandbaby with sweet dreams on his face...so precious!!!

  2. Oh, I love the dreaming baby! Aw....you just can't help but smile back!

    A dead rat...haha...aren't you glad it was dead? Oh my!

  3. Your little ones are so sweet!!!! Aww that baby, I could just eat him up.

  4. Awww the babies are so cute! Good for your brothers for wanting to mend their clothing. Where there's a will there's a way and I'm sure they'll figure out how to use the machine. I have to get my instructions out all the time for how to wind the bobbin!

  5. Your grandkids are absolutely adorable!! Let us know how the sewing will go for your brother :)

  6. Sweet baby picture! And, so glad the critter was dead. That's huge! Enjoyed your blog. First time here.

  7. What beautiful grandkids you have!That "little" critter you found was yucky. I would have definitely left that for my hubby.

  8. Beautiful rose bushes, Rhonda. And actually, Robert is surprisingly quite good with a needle and thread. Right before I moved, I needed something mended and he showed me how to fix it. So he must have paid attention to Ro and you at least a little :)

  9. Wow. That baby made me smile. Sweet. Funny about your brothers! And that critter....yuk!!!!!! I saw something go behind a little cabinet on our patio. I pulled it out hoping to make sure it wasn't a rat and it was a ground squirrel!!!! Thank goodness!

  10. Your grands are adorable, all of them! I love seeing the photos, and I feel like I'm watching them grow, in a small way.
    Interesting that you have two bachelor brothers, not very common is it.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs, Cindy

  11. Your grandsons are so handsome. Don't you just want to smother them with hugs and kisses?

    I hope your brothers do well with the sewing.


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