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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Master Bedroom Challenge Edition

"  Want to change the world?

Love your home. Keep your home.  "  

quoted from and linked to 

bedroom edition 

Our bed- built by my husband
 with a whole lot of help from a good friend who builds custom cabinets for his living.

That colorful quilt is my 3rd full size quilt, sewn about 20 years ago, when we first moved to Oklahoma.  
looking the other way in the same bedroom.  
 I can't change the world and have never wanted to but I can make my own home a comfortable, happy and relaxing place for my family.  Yesterday, I cleaned our bedroom as much as I could while taking caring for our 2 year old grand daughter getting over an ear infection.  
Everything got dusted.  Fresh from the line sheets and blankets went on the bad and some clutter was removed.     Just those little jobs make a nice improvement.  

Yes,  there is a lot of stuff on the walls.  All of it means something to my husband and since it is his room too,  his preference counts in the decorating.  

I do have a few favorites.  
One is this picture hanging over the bed.  

It seems very old and we bought it at the antique mall in our town.

On the left- the military husband seems to be going off to war and trying to comfort  his very sad wife.

the middle panel is a mirror

then on the right,  the husband has returned from war with several  injuries and the wife and dog are comforting him.
I guess we like it because my husband did go off to a war zone and he came back in worse physical shape
-not from combat wounds though.  

this is a counted cross stitch piece I  made for my husband while he was away at  Marine  officer  training.  

If you are trying to change your world or just cleaning up your house, you might want to join the party at
Like Mothers, Like Daughters.  They are a really sweet family with lots of good ideas and encouragement.


  1. A lovely room to dream sweet dreams, Rhonda!

  2. what a lovely quilt- and I think the room is lovely and does not have too much on the walls- the room seems really uncluttered and ready for grandkids

  3. A lovely, peaceful room!

    I agree..if I just dust and remove clutter, each room looks so much better! I have a few rooms that need that done now!

  4. Your room looks so peaceful and comfortable. Wonderful :)

  5. Your bedroom looks very cozy and I love the quilt!

  6. I love those special things in one's bedroom that has meaning for the person. Your bedroom is so pretty.

  7. I love all your pictures! What a sweet bedroom!


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